Benefits of Dazhang – Improving the Quality of employees’ life

With the expansion of our company, the employees’ quality of life has been greatly improved.

Our workers have night shifts, so our company provides dormitory for employees with charging free. At the beginning, the conditions were poor. Several people lived in one room, it is cold in winter and hot in summer.

The chairman of our company Mr. Zhang considered that the workers have been working hard for a whole day, it will not only affect the work but also the healthif they have a bad res. So Mr. Zhang ask the company to redecoratethe dormitory and change the people from 6 to The company installed a new air conditioner in each dormitory in May, 2019 to make the worker more comfortable when they have the rest.

At the beginning of the summer, the company bought some summer sleeping mats, and every dormitory staff can get one for charging free. In the summer, employees can get some watermelons or grapes for free during the meal; when the temperature is high in summer, the company gives the workers ice lolly.

The company carries out different entertainment projects, including skipping competitions, tug-of-war competitions, basketball, badminton and table tennis competitions, etc., The competitions have different awards, such as the participation awards, and cash reward if who won the game. The employees could relax themselves and they could pay attention to their health.

There are still lots of things that benefit employees provided by our company. These benefits enable employees to find a home in the company and greatly improve their quality of life.

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