CGR Filter Plate


1. Best sealing result
2. Suitable for customers with special requirements


chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, food & beverage etc.

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Our plates includes chamber/recessed plate, membrane plate, plate and frame type, CGR plate, high temperature plate, high pressure plate, round plate, cast iron plate, stainless steel plate, plate for cotton cake filter press etc. They are suitable to various work conditions in mining, effluent treatment, chemical industry, oil extraction, ceramic, food & beverage, gelatin etc. The plate material can be RPP, glass fiber reinforced PP, cast iron, stainless steel etc. Our plates have advantages of wide range of adaptation, good corrosion resistance, wearing resisting, long service life etc.

Multi-size filter plate can be selected,Customized model and product are available
450*450mm 630*630mm 800*800mm 870*870mm 1000*1000mm 1250*1250mm 1500*1500mm 2000*2000mm

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