• WWTP & Municipal Industry

    WWTP & Municipal Industry

    We supply large-scale filter presses to Cities/Municipalities to meet their needs such as 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1.5m x2.0m. Dazhang also supplies a wide range of spare filter press parts to municipalities including hydraulic power units, filter plate hanger bracket parts, and more.

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  • Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

    Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

      KEY APPLICATIONS   High-Volume Dry Stack Mine Tailings, Mineral Concentrates, Merrill-Crowe Process MINING & MINERAL PROCESSING Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Chromite, Iron ore, Rare Earth Elements, Lithium, Coal, Kaolin clay (China Clay), Frac Sand   From expert Mine Tailings Management Solutions to dewatering Mineral Concentrate slurries, you can count on the global Dazhang team for Total Engineered Filtration Solutions to improve your mine’s operating efficiencies, reduce costs, improve uptime, increase productivity, and ensure environmental compliance. When it comes to Mining & Mineral Processing, you can trust the Dazhang Engineered Filtration Group.

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      FOOD PROCESSING, BEVERAGE INDUSTRY & AGRICULTURAL APPLICATIONS   Edible Oils, Palm Oil Fractionation, Sugar processing, Beet Sugar Processing, Winemaking, (Lees Filtration), Beer Brewing & mash filtration, Juice, Distilleries filtration, Flour Mills, Yeast, Starch, Corn products, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Enzyme removal from grains and vegetables, Agricultural foods dewatering, Food processing wastewater treatment, animal nutrition, Dust collection in the food processing industries, Bioethanol production   The Dazhang Filtration Group is a leading provider of Total Engineered Filtration Solutions for the food processing & beverage industries. Dazhang brand is well-known in the food processing industry, and our diverse range of liquid/solid separation solutions are found in everything from breweries to sugar beet processing operations.

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  • Marble, Granite, Stone

    Marble, Granite, Stone

    The waste water treatment and slurry dewatering equipment of Dazhang make it possible to reuse the water in the process of cutting and finishing, and to decrease the volume of slurry to dispose. Our professional team will give you professional selection suggestions and give you professional solutions

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  • Others


    KEY INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Industrial Wastewater treatment systems, Leather & tannery wastewater treatment, Pulp & Paper Waste dewatering, Plating wastes, Metal finishing, Ink sludge, Metal hydroxides, ECM sludge, PCB waste, Wastewater treatment for commercial laundry & uniform services, Wastewater recycling, etc. Dazhang has the proven expertise to solve your industrial filtration challenges. The technology specialists of Dazhang will help you determine the proper filtration equipment & filter media for your industrial process & environmental compliance needs. Whether for Liquid-Solid Separation or Baghouse Solutions, our technical experts, sales, customer support, and service professionals are second to none.

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