Laboratory Filter Press


1.specially developed for test filtration and laboratory analyses
2.integrated design, easy to move


Sludge dewatering for lab test or projects with small capacity.

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Due to the small size, movable design and the uncomplicated handling, they were specially developed for test filtration and laboratory analyses. Mobile laboratory filter presses has similar but smaller features from conventional filter press. The basic architecture, the working principle and process technology are identical. This machine is special for testing.

It is integrated design, free of installation.

1) small filter plate, suitable for testing a small amount of materials.

2)It is easy to move and it is very convenience.

3) High efficiency filtration.

4)Use of special filter cloths corresponding to the application for a meaningful filtration result

5)Supply unit with feed pump, manual hydraulic closing and complete piping system for easy and fast operation


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Model Filter area Plate Number Feed pressure Close pressure Chamber volume Weight Dimension Body Material Filter-press Plates
XMSG0.32/250-U 0.32m2 3+1+1 0.6MPa 15MPa 4.8L 200kg L 1270mm W 560mm H 817mm SS304 Polyethylene
XMSG0.35/250-U 0.32m2 5+1+1 0.6MPa 18Mpa 6L 260kg 1300mm 850mm 850mm SS304 Polyethylene

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