Single Bag Filter Housing


1. Compact structure, small size and light weight
2. Easy to install and use
3. Filtration precision 0.5~200um.


Bag filter housing is widely used in chemical industry, pharmacy, automobile industry, food industry (such as wine and oil) and so on.

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Bag filter housings are an easy to use and cost effective product for the filtration of liquids containing higher concentrations of coarse solids. They are particularly beneficial when handling batches of various liquids. It can be used as end-filtration or for the polishing of liquids with extremely low concentrations of solids.

The bag filter consists of housing, supporting basket and filter bag. It is made S.S. and with inside S.S. mesh which is the medium to intercept solid particles. The liquid goes into the housing from the inlet by pump and then is evenly filtered by the filter bag under the pressure from the pump. The impurities will be trapped in the filter bag and clear liquid shall be out from outlet. The whole filtration process is done.

Filter bag is easy to change and can be reused after washing.


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Model Filtering Area(㎡) Max Flow(t/h) Working pressure(Mpa) Volume(L) Inlet/Outlet Connection Housing Diameter(   Total
01# 0.25 20 0.5 8 DN40 220 800 568
02# 0.5 40 0.5 17 DN50 220 1200 960
04# 0.2 10 0.5 4 DN32 159 650 568

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