Round Filter Press


1. Maximum feeding pressure 2.5MPa.
2. Lowest cake moisture.
3. Circular design plate has better mechanical performance.


1. Non-metallic mines: kaolin, and various clays.
2. Ceramics and porcelains: bone china tableware, electrical ceramic, ornamental porcelain, and so on.

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The dewatering effect of the round filter press is far higher than ordinary filter press, a high-pressure filter's single largest cake yield can reach 18 tons, and the lowest cake moisture can reach 15-18%.

The filter area ranges from 20℃ to 80℃

The filtration pressure ranges from 1MPa to 2.5MPa.

The round filter press is mostly used for the mud filtration of solid minerals and the solid-liquid separation of ceramic, kaolin, clay, and other industries.

The high-pressure round filter press is used in rare earth, bauxite, clay, porcelain clay, kaolin, bentonite, red mud, diatomite, activated clay, beneficiation plant concentrate, and tailings.


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Model Filter press(m2)  Plate size(mm)  Cake thickness(mm)  Filter chamber volume(L)    Plate NO(pcs)  Filtration pressure(Mpa) Weight(Kg)  Dimensions L*W*H(mm) Foundation Size(mm)
X_M^A 20/Ø800−25 20 Ø800 25 255 20 1.0-1.2 3346 3300*1100*1060 2300 530 1050
X_M^A 30/Ø800−25 30 377 30 3590 3780*1100*1060 2980
X_M^A 40/Ø800−25 40 499 40 4554 4300*1100*1060 3500
X_M^A 50/Ø800−25 50 621 50 5150 4820*1100*1060 4020
X_M^A 60/Ø800−25 60 753 60 9710 5340*1100*1060 4540
X_M^A 70/Ø800−25 70 875 70 5760 5860*1100*1060 5580
X_M^A 80/Ø800−25 80 1000 80 6860 6200*1100*1060 5660

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