Working Principle and Application of Plate and frame Filter

The main part of plate and frame filter press is a set of filter chambers consist by filter plates and filter frames in alternating order. When working, the slurry will be transferred by feeding pump from the feeding hole on the thrust plate to all chambers , under the pressure of feeding pump, solid particles in the slurry will be trapped into the filter chambers and form into filter cakes slowly, liquid through out the filter clothes and come out of outlet holes. Solid and liquid finally be separated after 1 filtration cycle.

As a mature solid-liquid separation equipment, plate and frame filter press is widely used for mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, medicine, textile, printing, paper making, food, alcohol, inorganic salt, coal washing, dyeing and sewage treatment industries.

Compare to the later chamber type filter press, plate and frame filter press can use filter cloth and filter paper together, these 2 filtration mediums can treat the slurry which contains solid size under 1 micron; In addition, the top corner feeding hole way is more suitable for treating big specific gravity material such as Alumina slurry.

Although plate and frame filter press is a kind of intermittent filtration equipment, but its simple structure, convenience operation, higher solid content of filter cake after filtration and clear filtrate liquid, these advantages make it has higer share on market of filtration equipment.

Dazhang Filter Equipment Co.,Ltd supply different kinds of frame and plate filter press, many technologies are patented; Plate material includes PP, cast iron, stainless steel; liquid discharge method includes open type, close type, cake washable, cake unwashable; plate size includes 320, 450, 630, 890 etc; It’s working performance is stable, price is reasonable, can meet different requirements from different customers; Dazhang Brand, based in China and has become the choice of more and more foreign customers!

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