When customers come to us looking for something that can be easily moved from one location to the next, we immediately recommend our mobile filter press units – for purchase. They’re just as capable of filtering large amounts at high speeds as any of our filter presses, but they have the added benefits of being able to do it in remote locations.

In most cases, the process of water treatment or dewatering slurry takes place inside a facility. Many industries rely on filtration every day to keep operations running smoothly. So it only makes sense that their filter press becomes a permanent fixture that they can use whenever they need to.

However, that’s not how it works in every working situation. Some businesses, particularly in the oil, gas and fracking industries, are not working out of a facility or warehouse. Instead, they’re out on remote sites in open fields, desert plains and oceans as they drill, mine and build. They need a filter press that can go on location with them to help speed up the process. Furthermore, companies like these don’t stay at a single location. They’re moving from one place to another, taking all their equipment and machinery with them as they go.

Mobile filter press features

Our mobile filter presses are outfitted with flexible side curtains to give you easy access to the equipment during operation.

They also have independently adjustable levelers. A cake chute system, which is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, directs all discharge onto the extendable slider belt conveyor.

Other features of our trailer-mounted presses include a fully electrical control panel and a water wash-down deck. Mounted overhead lighting keeps the area well-lit for use through the night. And finally, they also come with walkways, safety railings and stairs to help keep workers safe.

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