Application of filter press in beer wort industry

Wort filtration is a key process in the preparation of wort in beer production. In recent years, as people’s requirements for beer taste and shelf life have been continuously improved, the requirements of the brewery for the filtration index of wort are getting higher and higher. With the continuous updating of production technology and equipment, this process should be able to be completed in the shortest time under the premise of ensuring the quality of filtered wort, and maximize the stratification yield. The whole process is closed in oxygen. This is done under conditions, and thus higher requirements are imposed on the wort filtration equipment.

Compared with the traditional filter tank, the fully automatic diaphragm wort filter press provided by the beer industry has the characteristics of fast filtration speed, high yield, small floor space, suitable for high-content auxiliary wort filtration and automatic control. Expansion offers a completely new solution.

The automatic diaphragm filter press produced by Dazhang is widely used in the fermentation broth, enzyme preparation, sewage treatment and other sections of the biomedical industry. The diaphragm can be pressed to obtain a drier filter cake, which reduces the humidity of the filter cake and improves the yield. Not only that, the product can be fully automated.

In addition, according to the working conditions, the equipment is covered with stainless steel, which meets the hygiene standards of the food and pharmaceutical industry. Welcome to contact us!

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