Cotton Cake Filter Press


1.larger filtration area.
2. Customized models and products are available


Chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, food&beverage, etc.

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Our cotton cake filter press is a kind of plate&frame filter press, This machine features a large filter area and convenient operation.
It adopts a circular structure, which has a better mechanical performance than quadrate structure plate&frame filter press.

Plate and frame material can be aluminum alloy or reinforced PP.

The number of plates and frames can be raised or reduced to suit different liquid filtration.

The cotton cake filter press takes regenerable fibrous material (cotton cake) as a filter medium to eliminate oil traces, mechanical impurities, and suspension complexes. The filtrate is pure and clear.

It is used for liquid purification and filtration in many fields such as chemical, metallurgy, pharmacy, food&beverage, etc.


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Model  Filtering Area m2  Plate Thickness(mm)  Filtration pressure(kg/cm2)  Plate NO(pcs) Max Feeding Pressure(kg/cm²) Total Volume(L) L*W*H(mm) Flow(L/Min) Motor Power(KW) Rotating Speed(r/min) Squeezing Pressure(Mpa) Max Travel Limit of Closing Plate(mm)
8 500 50 22 3 216 2630*1150*770 87 1.1 1460 12 350
5 500 50 22 3 138 2630*1050*670 55 1.1 1460 12 350

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